More than just jewelry - these bracelets motivate & inspire every day!


Some days it just doesn't want to run smoothly. It already starts in the morning. Why does your best friend have to have her birthday on a Sunday when it's back to the office on Monday? After hectic styling and the subsequent morning traffic jam, a supposedly new colleague has actually parked his monster SUV in the company's usual parking space. Impudence! That Albert Einstein is right and time is relative is proven later at work. Because the night before at the girlfriend's, time flew by; here at the desk, it's as viscous as Swiss cheese fondue.

Finally back home, the cat is still in a bad mood and watches suspiciously as the drum fills with laundry - probably with a mixture of animal intuition and gloating. Because the washing machine suddenly makes such strange sounds, signaling that it's due for a repair soon. This corresponds well with the car repair shop, which is already looking forward to issuing a salty bill because of the upcoming MOT. Oh yes, Forrest Gump was right. Life is like a box of chocolates and holds many a surprise. Wouldn't it be nice to always have a "friend by the hand" to build you up and motivate you every now and then? Interesting, because this is exactly where a young label from Munich comes in, which prevents bad moods from arising in the first place with its special bangles. But how does it work exactly?

The power of words - creates a positive mood

What was initially intended to cheer up good friends and acquaintances and to provide them with beautiful accessories has now developed into a real bestseller. The idea is as simple as it is ingenious. After all, everyone knows about the power of (beautiful) words. The "Simple Pledge" team equips its customers with beautiful bracelets engraved with profound sayings (also in blind engraving). They are supposed to remind people what is really important to them and help them never to lose sight of what is essential. Which, in this particular case, is hard to do. Because a quick glance at the wrist is enough to keep refocusing. A nice idea that goes down well with customers. The numerous positive reviews and comments speak for themselves. Whereby the bracelets present themselves very versatile.

Simple design but striking statement - that works

What obviously goes down very well with the customers of "Simple Pledge" is the way in which it is presented, which is unobtrusive yet has a lasting effect. The bracelets are very delicate and are available in gold, rose gold or silver. Nothing looks overdressed or even "showy". Quite a few customers order two or three bracelets with individual "guiding principles" and carry these words of wisdom on their wrist. It almost goes without saying that the bracelets are also ideal as gifts. Expressing one's attachment not only with beautiful jewellery, but also with beautiful words, shows special appreciation. "Always in my Heart" thus develops from a rather colloquial phrase into a mutual expression of love - the pledge. Just one of the many sayings and words of wisdom that go to the heart. Started for the close circle of friends, there are currently over 130 colour and saying combinations available. The repertoire of sayings is constantly being expanded. If you always want to be up-to-date, simply subscribe to the newsletter. The bracelets with a width of 3 mm and a diameter of 63 mm are continuously adjustable in size and can be put on with just one hand movement. Incidentally, they are delivered with style and class. The beautiful jewels are delivered to the recipient in a high-quality velvet pouch and gift box. The good customer service includes free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

A whole new way to tell a loved one with words (on bracelets), or to give yourself a treat!